Scientists have discovered an ancient enzyme called AMP-activating protein kinase (AMPK) that seems to be one of the most powerful molecules in your body.

When you activate AMPK, every cell in your body shifts into a fuel-burning, high-powered, active state…It may even be the key to eliminating the root cause of ALL disease!

As we get older, its levels plummet, and bad things happen…

Cells get engorged with fat, and you put on the pounds. Without AMPK being activated, your cells get gunked up with junk. And like a kitchen full of dirty dishes and garbage, your cells can’t get anything done. They become more and more defective.

And when they stop working, everything stops working. Your whole body starts to break down.

However, if you could simply revive this “magic molecule”, you’d see something completely different happen.

Old “clunker” mitochondria get junked. And your cells generate a whole new fleet of these energizing organelles. Then, with your cells revved up, your body’s cleanup crews get to work scouring your cells from top to bottom.

Your blood sugar stabilizes. Your blood pressure stays even keeled. Your heart purrs along like a finely tuned engine. Your brain stays sharp and clear – no matter how many decades you’ve seen.

You blast through calories like they were nothing. Even your muscles get stronger and denser.

After close to 10 years of meticulous research, after literally hundreds of experiments, Dr. C. K. Peng’s small lab housed in Taiwan’s oldest military school has found the answer. They identified exactly the right combination to boost this wonder enzyme like nothing else.

InnoSlim is the AMPK-activator that contains specific fractions of two miraculous herbs, quadrupling production of this enzyme in fat cells, and increasing its levels by 23% in muscle cells.

And while your fat is being incinerated by InnoSlim’s AMPK-boosting powers, there’s a hidden hazard any time you start to burn up a lot of calories. A by-product called free radicals.

The devastation caused by these malicious molecules is hard to ignore. If you don’t mop up them up quickly, you can actually sabotage any progress you’ve made towards losing weight.

So you need to get more antioxidants in your body to stop this ransacking horde cold…

But when you’re burning this much fat, you need TRUCKLOADS of antioxidants. And it’s incredibly hard to get enough just from your diet alone.

So we’ve paired InnoSlim’s calorie-demolition power with another breakthrough ingredient: Fiit-NS.

It contains a high-powered antioxidant force from polyphenols like catechin and EGCG from green tea, naringin and narirutin from grapefruit, anthocyanin from black carrot, and resveratrol from grapes.

These plant compounds quickly stop the free-radical onslaught.

But that’s not all…Fiit-NS also magnifies Innoslim’s slenderizing effect. Its antioxidants (along with the guarana seed extract and vitamin B3 that’s in there) help you shave off the pounds even more effectively!

These two proprietary ingredients have been developed through years of careful laboratory testing and processing, into a powerhouse combination called Panalean.

With your revved up metabolism and antioxidant infusion, you’ll start to notice you look renewed, younger. You’ll feel sharper, more alert. Your brain will have the added fuel from increased AMPK and the extra protection of antioxidants.

And if you’re worried about blood sugar levels or cholesterol and triglycerides, imagine your doctor’s baffled expression when he sees your numbers…

Most importantly, Panalean will help you to look and feel better than you ever thought possible.