Researchers in Taiwan’s oldest military school

After spending close to a decade systematically testing two herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. C.K. Peng – one of Harvard’s internationally-known medical researchers – and his team of top-notch scientists have figured out a way to trick your metabolism into burning fat.

They’ve discovered a revolutionary way to shift your metabolism into “skinny” mode, signaling your muscle cells to think they’ve been working out…even if you’ve just been lazing on the couch.

This enzyme acts as a “Master Switch” in your body, turning on 7 different metabolic pathways that can not only incinerate fat faster, but even add decades to your life by replacing your old, defective cell parts with brand new ones.

Once this “Master Switch” is activated, every cell in your body moves into a fuel-burning, high-powered, active state. So that you can blast through calories like they were nothing.

Scientists everywhere have been trying to figure out an easy way to turn this Switch on for decades…and now they have.

Instead of hoarding fat, you can now trick your body into burning fat, in a safe, healthy, and complete way.

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